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Picking out a Direct Sales Team Name

One fun thing that you can do when you start building your direct sales team is to name the team.  It helps to build some team spirit and can give you a bit of fun in the process.

There are a few ways that you can name your team.  You can just pick the name yourself and be done with it, you can ask your team for suggestions or you can gather suggestions and then do a draw.  Offer a prize to the team member that comes up with the best option in order to help get a few more ideas into the pot and to come up with something great.

A few ideas to consider for your direct sales team names.

  • Something location based may not be a good idea – teams expand and grow.  My team is in Canada and the US so something Canadian would not work for me.
  • Gender Neutral – Most companies have both male and female consultants, so you may not want to pick something that is exclusive to one gender.  This is especially true if you are selling gender neutral items such as food items or vitamins.
  • Generic – Chances are, there are some generic names within your industry that you may want to avoid.  These may include names that include your company name with other common words like “The Awesome Company Team”.  Try to be more creative if you want people to be proud of their team name.
  • Unique – The more unique the team name you select, the more that people will start to remember it and your team as you get it out there.  This can be important when you go to bigger meetings or convention and you want to identify yourself.  Of course, at that point, many teams end up dressing up and doing other crazy things to be noticed.

When it comes to direct sales team names, it is not a requirement to have one.  But it can add a little bit of fun to your business as well as to your downline.  You can come up with a name when you have one recruit or wait until you have twenty – the choice is yours.


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