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Do I have to recruit people or build a team?

When it comes to direct sales, one of the components is building a team.  But there are some people that do not want to take part in this for whatever their reason is.  If this is you, that is fine.  There is no requirement that you recruit and build a team.  Some people do not want the responsibility, some do not have the time, and others are just in direct sales for personal discounts so do not have any need for a team.

Can I sponsor people across the border?

I wish I could give you a straight answer, but this is truly dependent on the company you are with.

Personally, the companies that I have been with do allow cross bordering sponsoring.  This can be an interesting adventure as sometimes the quotas can be a bit different between the two countries as well as the override schedules.  Customer incentives also have different levels in each country.  The two different dollars can cause a bit of an issue as well.

That said, I have a friend with another company and she cannot sponsor people in another country.  This is unfortunate as she has friends who would sell if they could sign with her, but they cannot.

It is best to call your corporate head office and ask them if you can sponsor a friend across the border, especially if the company is already doing business in both countries.  If you cannot, ask them why not and if they are considering setting it up in the near future.

Do I make money on my direct sales team?

Congrats on recruiting people to your company!

Yes, chances are you that you will make money off of them, but there are different criteria for this, and every company has different rules.

Commission By Sales – This means that you will get commission on your downline based on your own personal sales.  Some companies require a minimum amount of sales per month to get paid, and some have a sliding scale, and the larger your sales, or your team sales, the more you get paid.

Commission by Level – Some companies will pay you commission based on your level within the company.  You could be a leader, a manager, a director, and get a different rate.  Your level may be determined by team sales, by the size of your team, or by some other factor.

If you do not know what method your company uses, then you will want to talk to your upline or go through the training materials to help you figure it out.