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Preparing for Customer Care Calls in Direct Sales

As much as many direct sellers hate the phone, it’s important that we use it to keep our business moving.  Many do not even realize what you can accomplish by making customer care calls but have you considered these reasons:

  • Check to see how a customer likes their purchase
  • Call to see if the customer needs to purchase additional product or replacements
  • To introduce a new catalogue or product line
  • To advise of products being discontinued
  • Add bookings to your calendar
  • Get orders and reorders
  • Asking for referrals
  • Invitation to events

When you are getting ready to make your calls, there are a few things you can do to make them more pleasant for you.

  • Be positive when picking up the phone and smile.
  • Be professional.  People decide within 15 seconds if they are going to talk to you.
  • Ask if now is a good time to talk.  If not, ask if you can call back at a later time and if there is a time that would be better.
  • Have a purpose when you pick up the phone and let them know right away
  • Personalize your call. Add notes to your call list for the next time you call and refer to them.  Ask about their new baby or the new job.
  • Be confident! You have something exciting to share so make sure this comes through.
  • Have a script prepared. But.. do not write it in paragraph form, make it in bullet points so that it feels more natural.
  • Follow up on your presentation before hanging up. If you called to ask about a booking but you got side tracked, return to it and ask before ending the call.


Chances are a lot of the reason why you avoid doing calls is that you do not feel confident or how to approach them.  Follow these ideas and you won’t even notice the weight of the phone.



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Lightening up the Phone

Chances you have experienced the phone that weighs 100 pounds and it is stopping you from making the calls to grow your business.  But what is the real reason that you are avoiding it?  Is it because the phone truly weighs 100 pounds or are you afraid of the rejection that can come from making calls?  Because if it is the second, there are things that you can do to make phone calls easier on you.  If your phone really does weigh 100 pounds, then you should go buy a new phone.

Here are some ideas to help you learn to pick up the phone and make those calls.  Chances are you will not have success in every call, but you will not curse the phone after you hang up each time.

Help – One big reason that people get into direct sales is to help others.  For this reason, ask your customer if you can help them in some way.  Maybe they are having issues with a product, maybe they mention that money is tight, see where the conversation goes and what you can do about it.

Just Because– We are used to making calls for a purpose and that is to sell something in direct sales.  But what about making a call just because you care?  Maybe you had heard that she had issues with a family member and you want to know if things resolves themselves satisfactorily, maybe you knew that she was finishing school and you were curious to know how that went.  Tip:  Adding your Hostesses as friends on Facebook can help you to find something to call them about.  When they think about ordering your product, you will be the first person they call to place their order.

Opportunity – Offer the opportunity on every call you make.  This lets you find out who may be interested today, tomorrow or next month/year.  It is always good to have a list of people that you can call.  And even if they expressed no interest, you never know when that may change, which is where your just because call fits in.

Needs – Chances are you are looking into growing your business and that requires you to find those who want or need your product.  Phone calls help you identify these people.  Even if the person you are calling does no need your product, they may know someone who does.  Offering a referral program can be helpful.

Ask Everyone – It is not up to you to determine who wants what you have to offer.  You should be asking everyone is they are interested in what you are offering and put it out there for them.  You do yourself and others a disservice by not putting it out there.  I have heard of people who attended a party, were interested in joining, but were never asked so they never joined or signed up with someone else.

Even if you are turned down on the call, ask if you can call them back next month/in six months/next catalogue release/whatever works for you and your business.  This gives you permission which keeps the phone from looking quite as forbidding.

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3 Ideas for Making Customer Care Calls

If you have been in direct sales for any amount of time, you know that the money is in making phone calls.  But for many people, that phone weighs a million pounds and we do everything we can to avoid using it. That said, if you want to get your business to pick up and expand, it is essential that you make calls.  Start by making customer care calls – they are not sales calls, they are just calling to see if your customer is happy.

Start by making a list of those people that have bought or hosted a party with you. This is your warm list and you can be more confident calling them to start out with.

If you are not sure what to say, here is a script to help you out:

“Hi Jane, its Sharon calling from XYZ Company.  We met at Susie’s party back in September.  I have a note that you purchased Y widget, I’m just wondering how that is working out for you?”

Depending on the response you get will determine where the conversation goes.

Ran out of product – This is pretty easy.  If Jane ran out of product, ask her if she is interested in hosting her own event and earning product free.

Doesn’t like it – Ask her what it is that she does not like.  Maybe she picked the wrong style/colour/scent or something that is easily remedied.  Depending on the situation, you may want to offer an exchange or a discount on a future purchase.

If she does not provide much feedback, you may want to move onto a different topic.  In this case, you could try any of the following ideas:

  • A new product that was just introduced
  • Information about a new catalogue that was just released

Hopefully when you get off the phone you have either gotten an order or you have a booking.   Depending on how the conversation went, you could ask Jane if you can call her again in a few months to see if she needs more product or to host.

Challenge yourself to make two calls a day.  If your calling list is short, ask those you call for a referral.  You may want to consider implementing a referral program for that reason.

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Booking Challenge

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Challenge your team, a teammate, another consultant, someone to a booking challenge.  If you cannot find someone to do it with you, create a mini self challenge.

Start by making a list of all those people who were interested in a party but you were not able to pin down or you have forgotten to call.  Then the list of those who have purchased but you never heard from again.  Basically, anyone who has ever come in contact with you and your business.   Start with those that were more receiptive and work your way down if you can.

Then, set aside an hour and just start dialling.  Some people call this dialling for dollars are you are looking for bookings which will make you money.


To get started:

  • Script
  • Phone
  • Phone List
  • Calendar
  • Notebook
  • Pen

“Hi Jane, this is Sharon with ABC Company.  Do you have a few minutes?”  When she says yes, you can continue.  If now isn’t good, ask her when would be better, and make sure to call them.

“Great!  I’m calling as this is an exciting time with ABC Company!  I have been challenged to book (the most parties, 20 parties) in the next 24 hours!  Whoever gets the most bookings that hold in the next two months, will get a _____ from our team leader who issued the challenge.  I am offering X to anyone who can help me win this contest.  This is in addition to all the regular free hostess credits that you already get!  I have _____ available right now”


Wait to see what she says and proceed from there.

You will get some that will not be interested at all, some that do not feel right now is a good time, and those that will book.  Women like to help others and by telling them the booking has to be done by a certain time, you are creating urgency.

If they tell you they will call you back, mark them down and call them back in a day or two, especially if your challenge lasts for a few days.  Tell them that you are calling as you don’t want them to miss out on this opportunity and that you only have a few days left.

For those that are interested, but cannot do it right now, you can try to get them to pencil in a few months out, or the better method is to ask if you can call them back again in two months.  Sometimes their situation will change by then and you can then book them.

With this type of calling, it is best not to leave a message if no one is home

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