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Following Your Rules on Social Media

I know I have posted a lot about how to act on social media. But does that mean I follow what I preach? Unfortunately, I have to admit that no, I do not. I will admit that I am trying to get better but it can be tough due to limited time as well as losing interest in the topic.   That said, it should be worth it or maybe it is time to close up shop and move on, right?

So what kind of rules am I breaking that I setup for myself:

Only Post Links

It is so easy to stop by a social media account, plug in a title and a link and go on your way. I have a spreadsheet with these all in it, as well as hashtags, for easy use in this respect. Not only do I do this with my business account but I do it with a personal account as well, although, I do not post nearly as much as I do with the others. There are some quotes interspersed with the links but the ratio is lopsided.   In my defense, if you are talking about a news story or statistics, you likely need to use a link but it does not have to be self serving.

Post Regularly

Some of my accounts are currently posting on a regular basis but not all. I had an account setup that was auto posting for me but due to the cost and not seeing the return on it I wanted, I cancelled it. As a result, I have to manually setup a lot of my posts and I just keep forgetting.

Be Current

If you have something like a website, blog, Facebook page, keeping current is important so your customers know what is going on. Again, I haven’t been. I have put up a few posts recently as the Fall catalogue is now out and it’s the most popular one. But if I post once a month, I am doing well.

What kind of rules have you set for yourself that you find yourself failing at? Do you know why this is?

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Help in Branding Your Direct Sales Business

Face it; to your customers, you are your direct sales business, and a big part of what that business is in their eyes. No matter what products or services your business might offer, how your customers perceive you makes up a significant part of the overall business brand. Choosing the right product or service is important, of course, but if you want your business to succeed, you need to promote the brand – and yourself – in the best possible light. Here are a few tips to show you how to do just that, using one of the most powerful tools available to you: social media.

1)      Choose the right social media networks.

Social Media Camp 2009 - Using Social Media fo...

Social Media Camp 2009 – Using Social Media for Small Business (Photo credit: deanmeyersnet)

Different social media services are geared toward different objectives, and you’ll want to set up accounts that will be most effective in reaching people who are likely to become your customers. Facebook is by far the largest of the social media networks, and it appeals to those who are into more informal and casual exchanges. Twitter is kind of an online soapbox, where people make brief announcements about pretty much anything that comes to mind. Yelp is a good resource to let people know what you’re about, where you are, and – by other people’s reviews – what it is like to deal with your company. And while Linkedin is a more professionally-oriented network, it offers access to many groups of people who share common interests beyond their careers, and might well be a good resource. There are, of course, many other social media sites and services that may serve to help you establish your presence and brand, but these few are good places to start.

2)      Make it personal, but keep it professional.

Endeavor to behave on the social media sites the same way as you would at a party you were having in a friend’s home. While you needn’t be shy in singing your business and/or product’s praises, avoid the temptation to sell. If others find you well-informed and likable, they will be much more inclined to look favorably at what your business has to offer. You want your brand – your business, your products, and yourself – to be invited to other parties, and for your prospective customers to want to come to your parties.

3)      Are paid accounts and ads helpful?

Many social media sites require that members who sign up primarily to promote their businesses take out a paid membership. The cost isn’t very high, and beyond helping you avoid violating the sites’ terms of service, paid accounts often allow you to post additional promotional materials and ads. Adding more compelling information about your product or service can prove useful, so long as you don’t overdo it.

4)      Include links to other sites and blogs that will enhance your brand’s image and visibility.

In addition to enhancing the perceived value of your brand among other members, additional links will increase your standings in the search engines’ algorithms, and can make your page and your brand-affiliated websites rank higher and appear closer to the top of people’s searches.

5)      Keep an eye out for what others are saying about you, your product/service, and your brand.

Knowing what about you and your business/brand is showing up on the web can be an invaluable tool. Run Google searches, sign up for Google Alerts, and access sites such as http://freepeoplesearch.org. You may find that your business/brand is being praised on other forums that you hadn’t known about, and which you might want to join, as well. You might even approach the people who say nice things about you and ask them if it’s okay to use their comments as testimonials on your other forums. Their responses will usually be positive, especially if you give them a nice thank you gift and some recognition. You might also find some negative comments, which you’ll want to address, either by resolving any underlying problems or by presenting your side of the situation.

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be on your way to expanding the positive awareness of your brand. The more people know – and think positively – about your business and your brand, the bigger your customer base will be. And that is, after all, the name of the game in your direct sales business.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from free people search. She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @ gmail.com.

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Tips for Using Social Media for your Business

The world of social media can be used for much more than just talking to friends and keeping up with the latest dating drama in the news. Social media can be used to promote business, and drive traffic to your web site, blog etc.

Social Media Week 2012 SP

Social Media Week 2012 SP (Photo credit: Fora do Eixo)

There are a few tips that I can give about using specific platforms to help with that. Twitter is a great platform to use to let your followers know when sales come up, or when you are offering special discounts. Twitter, like with all social media platforms can take some time to build your following, and online presence. Once you put in the time and effort though to get it built up twitter can become a very powerful tool to let a large number of people know about anything quickly.

Google+ is another great tool that can be used for business purposes. You can actually go into Google+ and set up a page for you business, or company. When your business or company posts anything on that page and it gets 1+ clicked on it can help it show up more in the Google search results pages. You can also set up a small add with images that will show in the side bar of the Google searches when your product is being searched for.

Some of the hardest things to do with social media I have found is to have the patience to keep working on it consistently, even if the results are not immediately apparent. Putting in some consistent time even just a few times a week will really start to add up.

One of the most important things I can stress about gaining followers/likes etc. is to keep it personal. Don’t just go around saying here add this link, like this, click this! That just turns people off as spam. Instead I suggest you get involved in the online world of whatever your product maybe. If you are selling soccer balls then go find some of the best forums and websites where soccer players chat. Spend some time getting to know the community, and build your reputation up. As you begin to build a reputation in that specific niche’ it is much much more likely that others will want to follow your sites. Try not to be pushy, but don’t be scared to venture out into the unknown a bit as you learn. With time, and consistent effort results are sure to come, don’t get discouraged normally big success takes time.


My name is Ryan Crappa. I am 26 years old, and just got married this last May. I am a marketing student currently attending Snow College in Ephriam, Utah. I love to write, and recently have gotten more into the blogging side of things. I currently do two blogs, and I run a third that a few friends also post on. If you would like to know more about me feel free to check out my blog at http://avsblogz.blogspot.com/ and leave me a message! I will get back to you ASAP.

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How To Use Your Smart Phone for Business

More and more people are choosing a smart phone such as an Android or iPhone instead of a phone that just makes phone calls. As a result, they are checking their email and social media accounts no matter where they are. This can be a great thing to take advantage of to promote and grow your direct sales business.

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English: icon for smartphone (smart phone) related content (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easier to Target

It is easier to target your potential customer this way as you can put a message out on a social media platform and your customer is going to get it wherever they are. Due to the costs associated with this, an advertising budget does not have to be large as a basic message is free to put out into cyberspace. You don’t have to be at home to do this type of advertising as all you need is your smart phone, internet connection and your social media accounts.   This can make a huge difference in regards to getting sales. A great example is that you can be at an event and post a message for your customers to come visit you at the location or that if they order today they can get a discount.


With all the applications that a person can get on their smart phone, it is possible to track a wide variety of things. If you need to know how many calls are for business and how many are for personal, you can get a phone tracker where you categorize all calls. If you need a calendar, there are many applications that range from free to a cost; you can find applications to remind you to make phone calls as well.

Follow Up

There are many applications that a person can get to track what they have done and when they need to follow up.  Having reminders pop up to call a customer can be a great asset.


You can have your phone remind you that you need to call a hostess tomorrow, that you need to follow up with a potential recruit or that you need to do customer calls.  You can program all your hostess coaching in whenever you book a party so you do not have to remember and do the same with any other follow up.

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Will social media help me with my direct sales business?

As with anything, you have to learn to work with it and how to market yourself properly.  But if you do it right, you can do well with social media in your business.   People can search Facebook for things, once of which is a company.  Personally, I have had a few teammates find me on Facebook, and a few customers.   Some people can put up a post that they are having a sale and collect several hundred dollars in sales, while others might sell one item.  But the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you will be successful.

I know, this isn’t a concrete answer, but there is no magic formula that works for everyone.  I will try things that my team does, and they get results, and I don’t.  And they try things I do, and I get results and they don’t.   As much as a person hates to call it luck, sometimes it’s just a matter of the right post at the right time.