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Ways to Use the Internet to Promote Your Business

One important tool for any direct sales business is the Internet. Using the Internet enables you to reach a wider audience than your neighborhood which can result in additional sales. There are a few good ways you can build your direct sales business online.

Using the Internet to Promote your Business

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The first step is to build a website that lists the details of your business as well as your contact information. You can do this yourself or you can hire someone very inexpensively using a freelance bidding site like oDesk or Fiverr. You should put the address of your website on your business cards and flyers as well plus anywhere else that you think people might see it.

Next, you need to promote your business online. Submit articles to article directories using product names as clickable links back to your site. This will help you gain ranking in search results. Join forums related to your products and always put a link to your site in your signature in forum posts and emails. Then post on forums frequently to build up trust and drive traffic to your site.  The more that people see your name and your website in front of them, the more likely they are to actually visit it.

You can also host online parties instead of doing party plans the traditional way. This usually involves booking a chat room and inviting friends and other interested people to join. You can play word games such as unscrambling the names of products or have guests search your site for product information and award a prize to whoever finds it first. Toward the end of the party, open up the floor to questions and then take orders.

If you have a decent budget, you can also promote your business using paid advertisements online. This can also be helpful if you want to recruit people for your downline for a multilevel marketing company.

5 Ways to Use the Internet to Improve Direct Sales

Guest post by Andrew Black

Are you into direct selling? You could be among the many career professionals who prefer to have their own time and work outside the typical office setting. By now you know that direct selling also offers unlimited career opportunities.

During the recent financial crisis, your direct sales could have experienced some sort of setback due to the impact of the economic distress. There is a need to rebound if your sales have been declining. Fortunately, you could use the Internet to boost your direct sales and bring you back to the right track. Here are five ways on how you could use online media to attain such a goal.

1.  Have a good Website. Putting up your own online presence is important if you are a direct seller. This way, your existing and potential clients could easily find you and check out the products you sell. You could even opt to sell your products online. If you dislike shouldering the cost of putting up and maintaining your own Website, you may opt to set up a blog instead.

2.  Use article marketing to promote not just your products but also your Website. By bolstering the traffic into your site, you are also increasing your online income potential. Just make sure you use the right tools and stra


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tegies to make your article marketing copy effective.

3.  Have a social networking account. If you are not into Facebook and Twitter, you should decide to get into social networking now. Do not underestimate the potential of such sites. They could effectively reach your target consumers in a way that websites could not. By being more personal, you are taking your direct sales approach to a new level. You could promote your products and Website through such social networks.

4.  Join forums. Your prospective buyers are more likely to regularly check out online community forums. You could use such venues to find and tap them. When using forums to boost direct sales, do not get straight to the point when promoting your products and services. Instead, try to be as helpful and informative. When you establish a good impression and credibility among readers, they would be inclined to find out more about you. Make sure your forum profile is updated and complete to promote your website and direct sales products.

5.  Try email marketing. Sending people email messages is like getting more personal with them. The main challenge in this strategy is how to find and get email addresses of your prospective customers. You may tap email listing services or build your own email list through your networks over time. Another challenge is how to make sure your email would not get to recipients as another spam. Make sure your message comes right across and your subject heading is catchy and interesting to draw attention.


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