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Directory Advertising

New Dmoz ?

New Dmoz ? (Photo credit: Cmic Blog)

Everyone is looking for ways to get their name out there and expand their business.  One such way is to get listed in Internet directories.  Just like everything else out there, there are advantages and disadvantages to this type of advertising which we will look at below.  If the advertising is free, it is not such a risk as if you are paying for the listing.


One stop shop – easy to find you or a consultant in their local area

Organization – tend to be categorized by area or company so easier to locate a consultant

The more people that get listed on the site, the better resource the site is and therefore, more people will use it.

Most sites tend to have more information than just consultant listings so people stay on the site longer and are more likely to find your listing.

Better advertising – as many sites are paid, they want to get traffic in order to get advertisers and be able to charge more for advertising spots.

Depending on the site, you have the opportunity to say something about your business and list various contact information including your website.


One stop shop – easy to contact several people at once – same company or competitor and people will likely book with the first one to reply.

There is a cost – monthly/yearly to be listed (usually)

For the money you invest, you may not get any results

The site may only allow a limited amount of vendors for an area (can be an advantage too)

There are a lot of directories out there and it can be expensive if you start getting listed at multiple ones

Only you can decide if directory advertising is the right method for you to advertise your business.  Depending on the investment involved, it is a good idea to do some research on the site itself.  See how easily you can find it in the search engines and ask friends what terms they would use to search and see where the site ranks.

You should be able to email the administrator of the site and ask for the various statistics before you commit to the advertisement.  If they are not willing to share the information, then you likely don’t want to advertise there.


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An Online-Only Direct Sales Business – Is It Do-able?

As more and more people are online, and are more comfortable with online shopping, people are looking for ways to run their direct sales business online.   I had someone email me through this page asking if I knew of any direct sales company that could be done entirely online.

Computers Monitor

Computers Monitor (Photo credit: yum9me)

The quick and simple answer is no. 

The more complicated answer is below:

Many direct sales companies have made changes to their business mode and how they operate that you are able to offer a website where customers can shop.  Some websites do allow online parties so that if people want to shop who do not live near the host, they can and the host gets credit.  If you do not have that ability, you may have the option to input a party manually and have the product ship directly (probably a bit more in freight costs) to the customer.  This still allows the host to benefit.

Once you have established a customer base, it is possible to continue running your business strictly online.  Personally, I have not done an in home party for well over a year.  All of my customers are repeat customers who shop via email or through my website.   But that said, the majority of them were already customers (not necessarily mine) and then they found me and shopped with me.  Several actually started their email with “I don’t want to have a party but can I still order?”

That said, you can advertise in many places online to get business.  You can setup ads on classified sites, local buy and sell, social media or anywhere else.  If you do a good job, you will get shoppers who will come to your site and buy.  They may start small at first to determine if they like the product or they may contact you to try and get a sample before committing more funds, just in case.

As you build up, you can get more sales through this method and potential change all your business here.  But there will always be those who will not shop online and will want to see the product in person.

Do you disagree?


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9 Things to Consider when Joining a Direct Sales Company

When you are thinking about joining a direct sales company there are many things that you should look into.  Of course, there are many other items that might be relevant to your search but these are some of the main ones.

Man thinking on a train journey.

Thinking about direct sales? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Signup Fees – How much is it going to cost to get going?  Is there a way you can earn any of these fees back or get your kit for free?  Is there an application fee regardless of earning your kit for free?  What do you get for the fee?

Renewal Fee – Is there a renewal fee that you have to pay each year to continue being a consultant with the company?

Website – With the Internet being such an integral part of our lives, a website is becoming necessary.  Do you get a website for customers to shop on? If so, what is the cost and how long is that for?  How much is shipping off this site for your customers?  Can you build your own website and link to this one for people to shop?  Can you host and do parties through this website?

Supplies – What types of supplies are necessary?  This would be items such as catalogues, order forms or other paperwork.  For the basics such as catalogues, how much will they cost you and how often do you need to purchase them?   How much do other supplies cost such as order forms?  Do you need to buy new product every 3, 6 or 12 months?

Quotas – Are there quotas with this company?  If so, what are they?  How often?  What happens if you do not make them, not only to yourself, but to any team that you may have accumulated?  Does the company remind you in advance if you are below your quota?

Commission – How much commission do you make when you make a sale?  Do you get the money right away or a month later?  Is that the maximum you can earn or does it go up as your sales increase?  If you build a team, how much commission do you make from them?  Do you have to do something in regards to sales to earn this?

Credit Cards – Can you accept credit cards through your company or do you have to get your own credit card account?  If the company handles them for you, do they charge you anything?  If you have to get your own credit card processing account, make sure to compare monthly/yearly fees, and the fees for processing each card.

Perks – What kind of perks does the company offer?   Many direct sales companies have monetary incentives throughout the year or ways to earn free product.  You can typically earn a trip for free by making certain sales or recruiting levels, or earn some jewellery.  Some companies offer car and home allowances once you get quite high up on the company ladder.

Training – What kind of training does the company provide you with?  Is your upline expected to do it all or will the company provide materials?  If so, what is provided and how do you access it?

You will likely want the answers to most, if not all of these, before making a decision.  Occasionally you find a company you fall in love with, and nothing matters, but you should still find out all the details you can, as otherwise it can end up horribly.   You should have no difficulty finding a company that will meet your requirements once you do a bit of research.

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Eye on The Prize – 5 Ways to Make Sure You are Reaching Your Target Market

Marketing campaigns take time and money to complete successfully. Setting specific demographics and targeting your audience requires you to carefully assess your business needs and the type of clients you want to attract. Many elements contribute to reaching your target market, and perhaps you merely need help in bringing all of those elements together. The following tips will help you increase the visibility of your company, allowing you to reach the target you’re aiming for.   Eye on The Prize - 5 Ways to Make Sure you are Reaching Your Target Market

Determine Your Audience

What every business needs is a plan of action consisting of three components. Select three demographics that you want to track. Your chosen demographics could include age, occupation and income. Once you decide on your demographics, write the criteria down. Ask visitors to your website to complete a short survey to determine if your website attracts your key demographics.

Create a Plan

A plan provides direction and gives you what every business needs to succeed in marketing. Consider what your customer demographic wants and use that information to create a plan, put that plan into action, review the outcome and modify your website based on the information gathered. A failed plan can help still help you grow your presence as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Broadcast Appropriate Information

Determine what you want to accomplish. A plan to simply drive more traffic to your website doesn’t provide enough specific information. You need to determine what product, service or value you can provide to your visitors. Feature content designed to attract new visitors prominently on the home page. Provide additional content on inside pages and make sure every page on your website links in some way to your navigation scheme.

Provide Free Stuff

Everyone wants free stuff, but it has to provide some sort of value. Visitors to your website need a reason to come back in the future. If your company provides a babysitting service, offer the first hour free when the parents pay for three hours. This not only encourages new clients to try your services, but it guarantees that you get paid for three hours of service.

Incorporate Reader Participation

Any text on your website can theoretically draw in Internet traffic. Start a blog and let others comment on the blog. The more activity you get on your website, the better you appear to search engines. New visitors can check out what others say about you and get the assurance they need to buy your product or service. If you’re not sure what every website needs, make sure if anything, you have a site map and a “contact us” page, so that you can interact with your target market and they know how to reach you.


With all of the advertisements we hear and see everyday, it can be discouraging to try to stand out to your audience and make sure your message is being heard. That is why you need all the help you can get when it comes to making your voice the loudest, not only among other businesses in general, but among your competitors, especially.

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Corporate Social Media: 5 Ways To Bolster Your Brand With Social Media

If you are a business owneBranding with Social Mediar or manager and are looking to improve your marketing, then you have undoubtedly been exploring the concept of social media. Social media is the fastest growing communication platform in the world. More people than ever before are using social networking websites to stay in touch with their friends and family, as well as look for the products and services they need. This is what makes social media marketing such an excellent opportunity for any business. Below are five of the most important ways that you can bolster your brand by having a strong presence on social media.

1. Provide Valuable Content

Social media websites are set up in a way that makes sharing links to various types of content extremely easy for their users. Because of this, businesses that are consistently providing valuable, entertaining and useful content to their social media followings are seeing excellent growth in their marketing results. By sharing high quality content across all of your social media accounts that is relevant to your industry, you can establish your brand as an authority in it. This content can either be your own or something created by someone else, properly attributed, of course.  However, some industry professionals argue that you may not want to share your best stuff through these channels.  This is certainly debatable. They suggest, though, that your most sharable stuff should initially be generated on your site—on your blog for example (see section 4), and that the content can then be shared from there.

2. Connect With Leaders

Another one of the greatest ways that social media can improve your branding efforts is that it can allow you to easily connect with social leaders across a wide range of industries and topics. Connections mean everything in the business world, and it could clearly be good for your business to have connections with smart or influential people all over the globe. The possible benefits that could arise from this are virtually endless.

3. Communicate Openly

Social media presents a unique opportunity for you as a business owner or manager, which is that you will be able to communicate with your current and potential customers instantly and publicly at any time. Communication across social media websites is very open and visible, which can be a great way for you to show excellent customer service and really prove to your followers that you care. Brands that communicate honestly and transparently with their followings often see the best results on social media.

4. Start A Blog

By having a blog that is updated regularly, your business can see some great improvements. To start, you will have a steady stream of new content that will be picked up by search engines, which can increase your website visitors and attract targeted customers. In addition to that, this content can be shared through your social media accounts. People can read it, share it and communicate with you about it, which reinforces your brand in their minds.

5. Highlight Your Customers

Shining some light on your most loyal and interesting customers through your social media accounts is one of the best ways for you to cast a positive light on your brand. This will give you a chance to attract new customers while also letting your dedicated followers know that they are appreciated. This can only reflect positively on your brand, and is something that people will often strongly connect to.

These are just a few of the ways in which social media marketing can allow you to bolster your brand and see more success in your business than ever before. You can find the best online marketing company today to get started and learn exactly how to implement these strategies.

Can’t do paid internet advertising for your direct sales business?

My company doesn’t allowed paid Internet advertising – is it still possible to get advertising on the Internet without paying?

Yes, absolutely!  My company does not allow this either but I have still found many different methods.  In fact, you can read my post here about Free Internet Advertising.  But I also have some other ideas for you.

Guest Posts – One popular method is to write guest posts on different blogs.  This will benefit you as it helps to establish you as an expert as well as reaching out to people that you may not encounter otherwise.  It helps the blog owner as they get free content.   In return for your post, you will get a few sentences of a biography as well as a link or two to whatever site you choose.  Check your favorite blog sites to see if they accept guest articles or contact them if they have no information on the site about it.

Article Directories – Another method to get free advertising is to write for article directories.  While this is similar to a blog you do not need to contact them to get your content published.  Create an account and then publish your article.  But, article directories still have guidelines for content and formatting, so do not think you can just put up whatever you want.  You will need to check into what is acceptable on their sites.  A benefit to this is that article directories tend to rank well so articles on them may come up higher on the search results than your own blog or website.

Keywords – If you feel like doing some investigative work, you can learn about keywords and how to optimize your sites to help people find you easier.  This does not tend to work so well on a replicated website that you have through your company but there are ways to do this if you have a separate site such as a blog, a Facebook page or other places that you post about your business.

Social Media Sites – Depending on the sites you use, there may be places where other direct sales congregate.  Join these and post about your business (but be careful not to spam).  You never know when another consultant is looking for someone with your business for themselves or a customer.  These can also be a great source of finding trade shows or other events.

Do you have a favourite method of advertising which is not mentioned here?  Please share in the comments!


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How Customers pick a Direct Sales Consultant

When it comes to your customers and how they pick a direct sales consultant to deal with, some of them pick the first person they encounter whereas others do some research.  If you know what they use to pick a person, it may help you get found more easily.

The Consultant they know – The easiest way to get new customers is to do parties.  Chances are, when those people are ready to book their own direct sales event, they will contact you as they know you already.  They know that they are able to trust you to show up, take the orders and deliver the product in a timely manner.  But, if you did not do that or if they did not like you for whatever reason, they are likely to look for someone else.

Ask Friends – If a person has not been to a direct sales event in a while and is looking for a consultant, chances are they are going to be looking around to find one.  A method they use is to then ask their friends if they know any consultants with the company they want to have a party with.

Company Website – Many times people will head to the company’s website to find a consultant.  Check your company’s site occasionally to make sure that you are listed there.  If you are not, you may want to check with your company to see what they require to make sure you get a listing.  People may also choose to contact the company directly to find a direct sales consultant, especially if no one comes up on the list.

Local Classified – Another option for someone is to check out the local classifieds to see if they can find a representative.  You should always have an active ad if you can for this reason.  It does not have to be an ad about booking a party – it could be a stock sale, a link to like your fanpage or information about a new catalogue that just came out.

Facebook – If you do not have a fanpage, you may want to consider getting one.  I have had a few customers find me by typing in the company name in the search box.  My fanpage is titled with my name and then independent consultant and my company’s name.  This meets the requirements that my company has as well as letting people know what company I am with.

Search Engines – Have you ever checked the search engines to see if you come up?  Chances are, you may not if you only have your site through your company, but if you have done some other things to advertise yourself, you may be surprised.  Just type in “Your Company Your City” and see what comes up.  I know my Facebook fanpage has been found that way several times.

The easier you are to find, the easier it will be for people who do not know about you to locate you and engage your services.  If you do not find yourself with these searches, you may want to work on having people find you.


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Taking Orders Outside of a Party

I have several ads out on various websites to hopefully drum up my business.  These are free ones so if they are do not perform, it is no big deal.  But that, it is always interesting when I get emails and what they ask about.

Do I have to have a party? – This is a common one.  Many people have no interest in having a party to order the product.  I always respond that they do not but that depending on the size of the order, I may not be placing it for a while.  If they order enough for a party, then I will submit it right away and give the benefits.  If it is not, then hopefully they are willing to wait for their product.  It’s a win, win situation for you as its bonus money that you do not need to work too hard for and they win as they don’t have to do something they don’t want to.

Do I have certain product?  – I try to keep my inventory list updated.   Then I can simply check it for the product they want and let them know.  Sometimes they want to know what I have in stock in which case I can just send them the list.  Nice and easy!

Catalogue Requests – I don’t get many of these from ads but I get them from my website.  Pretty easy to handle, mail out a catalogue and I tend to put in some other information with it to hopefully catch their interest.  I contact them again later to see if they have any questions.

Joining – Again, not a lot of these come in but I do get the odd one.  I usually reply with a very basic email if they are responding to an ad as sometimes the ads can be a bit vague.  I tell them that this is a home party business, what the commission level is and that there is a quota to stay active and then link to my website.  Quite often, I do not hear from them again as they are looking for a quick get rich type of situation, but if they do contact me again, then I have a FAQ that I have made up and that I send them and I reply to any questions they have.

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Generating new business with online marketing: How

Online marketing has emerged out as an indispensible tool for generating new business. In today’s cut throat competition, it has become mandatory to advertise your business online. The moment you build your business website, you set forth a profit target or revenue which you look forward to generate from your business site. It is required to clearly communicate to your prospective customers about your business along with enlisting the different benefits of procuring your products. Besides, you need to monitor your business including the revenues which your business has generated. The following are ways of generating new business with the help of online marketing.

Define your business goals

Before you device any online marketing strategy for your new business, you need to set your business goals and objectives. To be specific, you can categorize you goals as general goals and online marketing goals. The former would help you in understanding the amount of money you want to make every month along with working out the number of leads you want to achieve and lastly the profit you look ahead to make. Whereas in your online marketing goals, you need to set a target of generating the number of leads from your website along with the estimating the amount of money you look ahead to invest per lead along and the total money you want to spend through other ways of lead generation.

Optimize your website

This is among the most important step when you talk about generating new business with online marketing. You need to optimize your site as per your exact requirements. You are supposed to make your value plan extremely clear over each and every page of your website, so that when visitors come there, they simply understand what they have found out. This step would require a couple of things starting with a competent website design. Your site should be easy to navigate, competent enough to cater the right message instantly along with addressing the needs of your prospective customers. In terms of marketing this is known as designing for a persona.

Secondly, your site should have a proper call to action backed by a clear business proposition since without that the action call will simply not work. Take your visitors to pages where you have exact information which your prospective clients are looking out for. Thirdly, you need to check the competition of your niche area over the web. You need to search out keywords which match your business. This will help you in search engine optimization and other forms of internet marketing like Adwords and PPC. Lastly, you require a proper SEO strategy for your websites so that when your prospective clients search products or service related to your business; your site should come over the top at different search results.

Content marketing

The best way to attract your prospective clients is to via content marketing. With content marketing you can help in rendering information to your visitors in various forms including newsletter, articles, PRs, reports, books, etc. The best way is to create a blog showcasing your business and the products or service you deal with. This can pull good traffic towards your blog or website and thus can help you in getting new business. In this way, effective content marketing pulls your prospective clients and convince them to produce products from you.

Social media

Today, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have become more than networking sites. Here, the online marketers use several marketing tools to promote their brands. There are many opportunities to promote your business over these platforms. All you need to do is to exploit these opportunities and pull good traffic towards your business site or blogs. People coming towards your site could be then converted into your clients thus giving your new business.

Wrapping up

Today, the online marketing has become an integral method of attracting new customers and making business profits. If you are interested in using this method, the above steps could certainly help you in generating new business with online marketing. Hence online marketing is not just a tool but could be called as a key to success.

About The author: Margaret Jules is an internet marketer/blogger. She loves travelling, meeting new peoples and SEO Services. These days she is working on feature that is related to SEO Morpheus that has affected due to recent Google and penguin update.

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Changes in Direct Sales Over Time

When you think of direct sales, you think of a business where you are trying to convince your friends and family to join you.  You think of that you are supposed to try and get people to come to your house and spend hours on the phone or doing other work to get sales.  And before you know it, people are starting to avoid you as they know you will constantly be promoting the business and they are just not interested.  And chances are you had to buy a bunch of product that you were not able to get rid of and it is still sitting around your home taking up room.

But things have been changing and no longer do you need to spend evenings on the phone trying to get people to purchase product or mail out a tonne of letters and hope that you might get a response.

Direct sales have also changed with the times and now there are online systems that you can use to find a lot leads to help you grow your business.  You can use search engine advertising to find targeted leads that then come to your website to get the information that they need to decide if your direct sales company is going to be a good mix for them.   Of course, you will likely need to do some work with these leads as well, but your website should give them enough information for them to determine if it something they want to pursue.

Not only can you find and recruit people completely hands off with your website, but you can also receive many sales through this method.  There are those out there that do not do a single home party or a catalogue party as they are able to get enough sales from their website to keep them running and making the income that they require.

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